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A lot has changed in the world of beer since our first brews in 2000. Palates and minds have opened up to the myriad of tastes and flavours that make up the wonderful spectrum of beer styles… here are our beers… enjoy.

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Core Keg Beers

  • Splatterberry Sour (Ltd. Edition)

    11.0° Plato | OG 1044.29 | ABV 4.5%

    Berry Fruit Kettle Sour... inoculated with Greek yoghurt then infused with splattered and smashed volumes of fresh raspberries, sour cherry and red currants.

  • Open To Persuasion (Track Brewing Company Collab.)

    17.6° Plato | OG 1072.8 | ABV 8.0%

    DIPA... Using the art of force and persuasion we provided ourselves with a valuable short cut through the complicated nature of modern existence to furnish you with a TDH DIPA displaying the manipulative power of Cascade, Loral, Ekuanot, Citra and Mosaic. 'Like always I persuade you... persuasion.'

  • Attracting Humans (Ltd. Edition)

    13.5° Plato | OG 1055.3 | ABV 5.5%

    DDH Pale... A beguiling double dry hopped pale designed to entice, lure, entrance, seduce and woo the sub tribe hominina into it's plethora of oats, wheat and dextrin. Seductive volumes of DDH Citra and Mosaic swallow up the hordes into fresh pink grapefruit, tropical juiced our foreverness.

  • DH Table Beer

    7.0° Plato | OG 1028.4 | ABV 3.5%

    Dry Hopped Table Beer... Zingy/dry table beer with wheat, oats, and Munich Malt. Fermented out using a saison strain then dry hopped using a blend of Centennial BBC and Simcoe T90.

  • Bliss 322K

    15.0° Plato | OG 1061.1 | ABV 6.8%

    A White IPA... Pilsner malt, wheat heavy White IPA fermented out with a Belgian wit strain. Dangerously deep murk implosions of Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo and Loral drag you way out of your depth into unknown fathoms of eternal bliss.

  • Rize Up! (Magic Rock/Brighton Bier Collab.)

    12.0° Plato | OG 1048.5 | ABV 5.3%

    An Elevated Pale... Premier league U.S. Pale brewed with squad members and team players Magic Rock & Brighton Bier. Oat and dextrin driven grist with luscious lashing of cold side Mosaic and Citra BBC.

  • Sour Puss (Mad Hatter Collab.)

    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.2 | ABV 3.9%

    Pineapple Muddle Kettle Sour... Skip the light tangfastic!!! A 3 day kettle sour brewed with pilsner, wheat malt, and oats. Then infused with fresh pineapple and a hint of English garden mint.

  • Ham-Fisted DIPA (Friends Of Ham Collab.)

    18.9° Plato | OG 1078.2 | ABV 9.5%

    A real swine of a DIPA brewed with our Friends Of Ham to celebrate their 5th Birthday!! Intensely hopped out for your snout with a heady blend of BBC & CRYO Hops... OINK OINK!!!

  • Slackjaw IPA (Ltd. Edition)

    13.9° Plato | OG 1056.6 | ABV 6.0%

    Jaw breaking deep juice IPA with a droopy, gloopy, dribbling excess of cold side Loral, Simcoe, Equinox and Citra.

  • Blow Out IPA (Ltd. Edition)

    18.0° Plato | OG 1070.4 | ABV 7.0%

    Ltd. Edition IPA... Fat and juicy with ripe internal implosions of Guava, Papaya and Mango... All blown out!!!

  • Swipe Right S.P.A.

    12.2° Plato | OG 1049.2 | ABV 4.7%

    Smashed Juice Session Pale... with oats and wheat. Heart removed and replaced with a beating tropical hop donor of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Kiwi Fruit pulp.

  • Sticky Bud DIPA (Ltd. Edition)

    19.2° Plato | OG 1076.6 | ABV 8.7%

    A Double IPA… Juice is the time, is the place, is the motion. Juice is the way you are feeling!! A hazy sunshine juicebomb resonating with deep mango, papaya and pineapple crush. Hopped to excess with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe in T90/Lupulin Powder blend. It's got groove… it's got meaning.

  • The Upside Down (Simply Hops Collab. – Ltd. Edition)

    16.0° Plato | OG 1064.9 | ABV 6.4%

    RELEASED FOR HOP CITY 2017… A Southern Hemisphere IPA… Instinctively this gives to me the hops that I need… I cherish a moment or two. Brewed with Vermont Ale Yeast and a disrespectful amount of Vic’s Secret, Mosaic, Mosaic-BBC and the experimental AU035. Upside Down… boy you turn me… upside down and inside out.

  • Wylam Hickey The Rake

    Hickey the Rake

    10.5° Plato | OG 1042.5 | ABV 4.2%

    A Limonata Pale… An Ultra Pale which emulates almost toxic levels of citrus zing. A nuclear sherbet dib-dab of lemon, lime and tropical pineapple.

  • Wylam Jakehead

    Jakehead IPA

    14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.3%

    Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

  • Into The Mystic

    14.5° Plato | OG 1059.3 | ABV 5.8%

    A New England Pale... Calling all Puritan Separatist Pilgrims!!! Come settle yourself within the confines of our juice colony... A New England style pale brewed with pilsner malt, wheat and oats. Juiced out to the max with new season Yakima Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic.

  • Bróðirblóð (Northern Monk Collab.)

    14.5° Plato | OG 1063.5 | ABV 6.0%

    A Red Rye & Juniper Infused Nordic Ale... brewed in conjunction with our monistic brethren from Northern Monk... Blended rye and crystal malts battle axe through dank pine forest pungent gusts of juniper berry infusion with a final plundering dry wine finish courtesy of Sigmund's Voss Kveik old strain Nordic yeast culture.

  • Wylam Haxan


    14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.2%

    A Black Wit Beer… Deep , tawny, solid dark tones reveal a well balanced combination of wheaty tartness and luscious dark malts. Fresh limes, cassia bark and spice on the palate with a firm weizenbock clove finish.

  • Wylam Remain In Light

    Remain in Light

    11.9° Plato | OG 1048 | ABV 5.0%

    A Super Stacked Alpha Pale… a colossus of Citra, Simcoe, Chinook and Centennial submerged in a deep vapour steep followed by a late fermentation dry hop.

  • Wylam Le Saisonnier

    Le Saisonnier

    12.9° Plato | OG 1052 | ABV 5.4%

    Lemon Balm & Rosemary Saison… A Belgian style saison brewed using a grist bill of Pilsner, Munich and a hint of Vienna malt.

  • Nomi Sorachi

    12.6° Plato | OG 1051 | ABV 5.3%

    Single Hopped Sorachi Ace Face Melter… Dill Pickle on the nose, homemade Orange Shred in the bouche, Lemon Grass, Crushed Coriander and Citrus around the throat… we dare you to hate it!!!

  • Wylam Club of Slaughters

    Club of Slaughters

    19.6° Plato | OG 1081 | ABV 8.8%

    Vegan Friendly Slaughterhouse Stout… Vanatblack and bone char intones dwell within this remnant hulk… an electro narcosis of peat smoke pitch, dark cocoa and oiled black cardamon, rib rattle into subtle bolt gusts of port wine and espresso pursued by a dark cherry red grape skin tartness.

  • Keep Taking the Plsner

    10.0° Plato | OG 1040 | ABV 4.0%

    Low Colour Extra Blond Lager... brewed using high grade concerto pilsner malt and saaz hops. Bottom fermented using an authentic strain of lager yeast then cold conditioned at zero degrees for 3 weeks. Sweet malt on the nose with a dry crisp palate and a delicate herbal finish.

Core Cask Beers

  • Wylam Jakehead

    Jakehead IPA

    14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.3%

    Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

  • Wylam Galatia


    9.8° Plato | OG 1039 | ABV 3.9%

    Extra light session pale with a heavy absorbed dose of New World Hops. Fresh orange shred, stone fruit blasts and a clean dry fresh pine kick to the finish.

  • Puffing Billy

    12.6° Plato | OG 1051.5 | ABV 5.5%

    Smoked Black Bitter… Deep ebony, nocturnal toned strong best bitter with a mellow blend of roast, cara and black malts. Notes of coffee, tobacco and dark chocolate with an all English bitter finish from the Bramling Cross and Fuggles.

  • Wylam Cascade


    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.5 | ABV 4.1%

    Single Malt, Triple Hopped Pale… brewed with masses of new season USA Cascade! Huge notes of pink grapefruit & sherbet lemon.

  • 008 Mosaic (Ltd. Edition)

    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.2 | ABV 3.9%

    Single Hop Series... Single Malt, Single Hop session pale banging down the doors with luscious blasts of tropical hop crushing juiciness.

  • 009 HBC-431 (Ltd. Edition)

    11.3° Plato | OG 1045.6 | ABV 4.6%

    Single Hop Series... Experimental Pale Ale with a ramped up mouthfeel thanks to a grist bill blend of Golden Promise and Pilsner Malt, Oat Malt and Flaked Barley. Juicy fruit reverberations from lashings of single hop EXP HBC 431.

  • 010 Amarillo (Ltd. Edition)

    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.2 | ABV 3.9%

    Single Hop Series... Cask Session Pale with Munich, Vienna and Oat Malt. Lashings of lat Amarillo with fresh notes of grapefruit, lemon pith, apricot and peach.

  • 011 Loral (Ltd. Edition)

    10.7° Plato | OG 1043.3 | ABV 4.3%

    Single Hop Series... Session Pale... New to the hop world Loral is floral with citrus notes that balance well with peppery and dark fruit characteristics.

Heritage Cask Beers (available only in the North East)

  • Wylam Red Kite

    Red Kite

    11.2° Plato | OG 1045 | ABV 4.5%

    A ruby ale in the style of a traditional ‘scotch’ where the hops are balanced by residual maltiness to give subtle hop character and a rich malt palate.

  • Wylam Angel


    10.7° Plato | OG 1043.5 | ABV 4.3%

    This pale copper amber ale is a well-balanced bitter with a citrus character in the aroma and a rich, spicy finish driven by the Cascade hop.

  • Collingwood

    10.2° Plato | OG 1041.5 | ABV 4.1%

    Honey-soaked in colour with a sweet tangerine aroma from the finishing hop, light and soft bodied with a citrus zest / fresh pinewood flavour and an appetising dry and bitter finish.

  • Wylam Gold Tankard

    Gold Tankard

    10.2° Plato | OG 1041 | ABV 4.0%

    Made with all gold ingredients - Golden Promise Pale Malt, Golden naked oats, First Gold Hops, with a Willamette hop finish. Fresh, clean flavour with a hint of grapefruit citrus from the Willamette.

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