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A lot has changed in the world of beer since our first brews in 2000. Palates and minds have opened up to the myriad of tastes and flavours that make up the wonderful spectrum of beer styles… here are our beers… enjoy.

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Core Keg Beers

  • Jekyll & Hyde (Brouwerij De Molen Collab.)

    14.6° Plato | OG 1104.0 | ABV 9.8%

    Original Double Stout Porter... Something dark and dangerous! Brewed with the original Dark Lords Brouwerij De Molen. Sweet leather luxury with soft fatal blows of tobacco, dark cocoa, burnt cream, cinder toffee and smoked oats.

  • What’s The Sense In Sharing (BRAW Collab.)

    10.0° Plato | OG 1039.9 | ABV 4.5%

    Dry Hop Grisette... Brewed with BRAW Copenhagen. A low colour, low gravity grisette with pilsner malt, wheat, oats and spelt. Subtly hopped with lemon drop, denali and city to create a crisp, refreshing farmhouse quencher.

  • Kill Phil Pt. 1 (Anchor Brewing Company Collab.)

    17.1° Plato | OG 1070.4 | ABV 7.0%

    DDH India Pale Ale... Brewed with the legendary Anchor Brewing Co. Big creamy mouthfeel with a double dry hop regime of Bru 1, Ekuanot BBC, Citra BBC and Simcoe Cryo.

  • All Formats (Ltd. Edition)

    13.5° Plato | OG 1055 | ABV 5.2%

    DDH Citra Pale... Brewed with Citra in whole cone, T90, Cryro & BBC... A clean, ripe, tropical summer smasher!

  • Nothing Left To Lose (Ltd. Edition)

    16.6° Plato | OG 1068.1 | ABV 7.0%

    DDH India Pale Ale... Get juiced in it… Double dry hop 7.0% IPA with a tropical summer storm of Sabro, Denali, HBC 472 and Mosaic Cryo. Whipped up on oats and dreamy to the feel. You're invisible now.. you’ve got no secrets to conceal.

  • In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Dry & Bitter | North Brew Co | Track Collab. | Ltd. Edition)

    16.2° Plato | OG 1066.2 | ABV 6.0%

    DDH Sour Mash IPA... A return four way smash from our Copenhagen hit Bad Ideas… Deluxe and delightful in all of it’s comforts… A low PH mash out with a DDH addition of Enigma, Ekuanot, Vic Secret and Citra. In every dream home a heartache and every sip I take takes me further from Heaven… Is there a Heaven… I’d like to think so.

  • Open (2) Persuasion (Track Collab. | Ltd Edition)

    17.6° Plato | OG 1072.8 | ABV 8.0%

    DIPA... Version 2 of our original Track collab. brings a bigger grist and even bigger dry hop regime! Double dry hopped at 29 grammes/litre with Bru 1, Ella, Citra BBC and Mosaic Cryo to yield maximum JOOOOSE!

  • Midnight Train To Byker (Ltd. Edition)

    22.7° Plato | OG 1095.2 | ABV 10.0%

    Imperial IPA... They kept dreamin’ (dreamin’), That someday they’d make an Imperial DIPA, A super DIPA, It took a while to get that far, They sure found out the hard way, That dreams don’t quickly come true, So they scored all of of the hops, And loaded malt on top of their car, Bought a a one way ticket back, To the life they once knew… Oh yes they did... They said they would... oh… oh... then they was brewin’... Brewin' that Midnight Train To Byker (Midnight Train To Byker), They said that you will find, 30 grammes of hops per litre to blow your mind.

  • What The Water Wanted (Flying Couch | Simply Hops Collab. | Ltd. Edition)

    16.0° Plato | OG 1065.0 | ABV 6.0%

    DDH IPA... Lactose dissolving and water removing... There is sweet wort at the bottom of the copper... Double Dry Hop, Centennial and Chinook... Double Dry Hop, Bru 1 and Vic Secret ... Remove the sweet wort from the bottom of the copper... Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down... Letting the days go by, what the water wanted ... Into the brew again, after the beer has gone... Once in a lifetime, water flowing under.

  • Us & Them (Ltd. Edition)

    18.7° Plato | OG 1077.1 | ABV 8.2%

    Double India Pale Ale… And after all it’s brewed with Citra and Mosaic… Pale and Pils… God only knows this is just what we would choose to brew. Oats and Malt… it can’t be helped that there’s a lot of them about… With, without… and who’ll deny it’s what this DIPAs all about?

  • Futureshock DDH IDA (Ltd. Edition)

    15.0° Plato | OG 1061.0 | ABV 6.0%

    Double Dry Hopped India Dark Ale… This dark india ale will come to exist and in time will rely heavily on oats, wheat dextrin and rye malt. Acute shockability will render high fruit injections of Citra, Simcoe and mosaic giving out fleshy, tropical freshness enclose in darkness.

  • WxY³ (Yeastie Boys Collab. | Ltd. Edition)

    16.3° Plato | OG 1067.5 | ABV 7.0%

    NZIPA... Our 3rd Annual Hop Orgy with the mighty Yeastie Boys and we've fully loaded the juice stratum to new heights! A record fix of Nelson Sauvin, Wakatu and Galaxy brings out massive forceful notes of tropical pineapple toxins smothered in an oaty, claggy stickiness.

  • Room 237 (Ltd. Edition)

    14.2° Plato | OG 1058.0 | ABV 5.5%

    DDH Pale... 'What will it be Mr. Torrance?'... 'Give me a hair of the dog that bit me Lloyd'... 'A can of Wylam's Room 237 Sir? Double dry hopped excessively with Bru 1 and Galaxy along with a complex grist of Oats, Wheat, Dextrin, Rye and Golden Promise'... 'You set them up and I'll knock them back one by one! White mans burden Lloyd my man... white mans burden'.

  • 45:33 (Ltd. Edition)

    18.6° Plato | OG 1076.6 | ABV 8.4%

    DIPA... A multi speed double IPA. Ambient psychedelic doses of Cyro:BBC Amarillo, Citra and Chinook all carefully composed to construct a long-form freak out within the confines of the alimentary canal.

  • The Man Behind The Door (Ltd. Edition)

    16.5° Plato | OG 1068.0 | ABV 7.2%

    DDH IPA... But the man who comes back through the door in the wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out of it... Three great appetites for the soul... Simcoe, Ekuanot and Loral alongside the urge to self transcendence through a newly harvested fresh form India Pale Ale.

  • Remember 430 (Ltd. Edition)

    14.1° Plato | OG 1057.3 | ABV 5.5%

    DDH Pale... A plethora of Oats, Wheat and Dextrin. Seductive volumes of DDH Citra and Mosaic swallow up the hordes into fresh pink grapefruit, tropical juiced out foreverness.

  • Sweetleaf IPA (Ltd. Edition)

    17.3° Plato | OG 1071.5 | ABV 7.4%

    India Pale Ale... El Dorado, Citra, Vic Secret and Galaxy make up the hop bill for this super fresh IPA with lychee, citrus, pineapple , stone fruit flavours. Golden Promise and Oats supply the body with our house yeast strain bringing that east coast profile.

  • Last Shot At Heaven (Ltd. Edition)

    12.4° Plato | OG 1055.8 | ABV 5.3%

    Quad Hop Oat Malt Pale Ale with zesty shots of Simcoe, Loral, Vic Secret and Amarillo. Deep fruit with high end citrus blasts of ripe pink grapefruit and tangy blood orange.

  • Wylam Jakehead

    Jakehead IPA

    14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.3%

    Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

  • Wylam Hickey The Rake

    Hickey the Rake

    10.5° Plato | OG 1042.5 | ABV 4.2%

    A Limonata Pale… An Ultra Pale which emulates almost toxic levels of citrus zing. A nuclear sherbet dib-dab of lemon, lime and tropical pineapple.

  • Swipe Right S.P.A.

    12.2° Plato | OG 1049.2 | ABV 4.7%

    Smashed Juice Session Pale... with oats and wheat. Heart removed and replaced with a beating tropical hop donor of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Kiwi Fruit pulp.

  • Wylam Club of Slaughters

    Club of Slaughters

    19.6° Plato | OG 1081 | ABV 8.8%

    Vegan Friendly Slaughterhouse Stout… Vanatblack and bone char intones dwell within this remnant hulk… an electro narcosis of peat smoke pitch, dark cocoa and oiled black cardamon, rib rattle into subtle bolt gusts of port wine and espresso pursued by a dark cherry red grape skin tartness.

  • Macchiato

    16.4° Plato | OG 1067.6 | ABV 6.5%

    Hazelnut Praline Coffee Porter... a complex grain bill for extra body and mouth feel, lactose providing that smoothness for a cold brew hazelnut coffee to shine through in this winter warming porter.

  • Pleasures In The Darkness (Hawkshead Collab.| Ltd. Edition)

    24.0° Plato | OG 1100.0 | ABV 11.0%

    Imperial Stout... An achromatic denseness of light suppression and vantablack malts form a sensual source of twilight components interpolating coffee beans, cocoa nibs, vanilla, milk sugar and backed oats. Suppressed forever for you darkest of pleasures.

Core Cask Beers

  • Wylam Jakehead

    Jakehead IPA

    14.3° Plato | OG 1058 | ABV 6.3%

    Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

  • Wylam Galatia


    9.8° Plato | OG 1039 | ABV 3.9%

    Extra light session pale with a heavy absorbed dose of New World Hops. Fresh orange shred, stone fruit blasts and a clean dry fresh pine kick to the finish.

  • Puffing Billy

    12.6° Plato | OG 1051.5 | ABV 5.5%

    Smoked Black Bitter… Deep ebony, nocturnal toned strong best bitter with a mellow blend of roast, cara and black malts. Notes of coffee, tobacco and dark chocolate with an all English bitter finish from the Bramling Cross and Fuggles.

  • Wylam Cascade


    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.5 | ABV 4.1%

    Single Malt, Triple Hopped Pale… brewed with masses of new season USA Cascade! Huge notes of pink grapefruit & sherbet lemon.

  • 010 Amarillo (Ltd. Edition)

    10.0° Plato | OG 1040.2 | ABV 3.9%

    Single Hop Series... Cask Session Pale with Munich, Vienna and Oat Malt. Lashings of lat Amarillo with fresh notes of grapefruit, lemon pith, apricot and peach.

  • 011 Loral (Ltd. Edition)

    10.7° Plato | OG 1043.3 | ABV 4.3%

    Single Hop Series... Session Pale... New to the hop world Loral is floral with citrus notes that balance well with peppery and dark fruit characteristics.

  • 012 Ekuanot (Ltd. Edition)

    10.4° Plato | OG 1041.5 | ABV 3.8%

    Single Hop Series... Base malts of Maris Otter, German Pilsner Malt, Wheat and Oats give this beer a bigger body than the ABV suggests. Healthy doses of Ekuanot in the kettle and dry hopping stage lends aromas of Cantaloupe and Mangos with Grapefruit Pith and delivers a clean bitterness to the finish.

  • 013 Centennial (Ltd. Edition)

    11.5° Plato | OG 1044.6 | ABV 4.2%

    Single Hop Series... Deep golden pale ale with imperial, aromatic malt and pinhead oats. Single hopped with U.S Centennial so big lemon and citrus notes with a bold dry grapefruit finish.

Heritage Cask Beers (available only in the North East)

  • Wylam Red Kite

    Red Kite

    11.2° Plato | OG 1045 | ABV 4.5%

    A ruby ale in the style of a traditional ‘scotch’ where the hops are balanced by residual maltiness to give subtle hop character and a rich malt palate.

  • Wylam Angel


    10.7° Plato | OG 1043.5 | ABV 4.3%

    This pale copper amber ale is a well-balanced bitter with a citrus character in the aroma and a rich, spicy finish driven by the Cascade hop.

  • Collingwood

    10.2° Plato | OG 1041.5 | ABV 4.1%

    Honey-soaked in colour with a sweet tangerine aroma from the finishing hop, light and soft bodied with a citrus zest / fresh pinewood flavour and an appetising dry and bitter finish.

  • Wylam Gold Tankard

    Gold Tankard

    10.2° Plato | OG 1041 | ABV 4.0%

    Made with all gold ingredients - Golden Promise Pale Malt, Golden naked oats, First Gold Hops, with a Willamette hop finish. Fresh, clean flavour with a hint of grapefruit citrus from the Willamette.

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